Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Accidental Christmas Traditions by Julie Jarnagin

There are some Christmas traditions that we decide we want to be part of our yearly celebrations, and there are some that happen simply by accident...and some of those are my favorites. Here are a few of ours:

1. Christmas cookies-My kids love to have something sweet after dinner. So we've gotten in the habit of keeping the break and bake cookies in the refrigerator that you can use to make only the number of cookies you need without making a big batch. In December, they like to help me decorate them. They're not fancy, but we've learned how to make some pretty fun little cookies. :)

2. Chocolate Advent Calendar-Writing this, I'm just realizing how much these traditions have to do with sweet treats! My seven-year-old loves these simple little advent calendars. Every day you get to open a window for a little piece of chocolate. I almost forgot to buy one this year, and he made sure to remind me.

3. Christmas Lights-Every year we make a special trip to a house in our city that has an amazing light show that is coordinated with Christmas music. It's fun for my older one and my younger one (and my husband and I think it's pretty cool too).

That's a few of the little things that make Christmas special for us. What are a few of your Christmas traditions? 

USA Today Best Selling author Julie Jarnagin writes sweet and inspirational romance. She grew up in a small Oklahoma town where her family farmed and ranched. These days she lives in a not-so-big city with her amazing husband and two young sons who tolerate all her nerdy quirks. Julie earned a B.A. in Journalism / Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers. www.JulieJarnagin.comSign up for her newsletter to be the first to learn about new releases and free books:http://eepurl.com/5y5k

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