Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Christmas Conspiracy by Patricia Forsythe

I hate to say this, but I think my fellow Sweet Romance Reads authors are trying to make me gain weight.  Autumn and Christmas goodies have been cropping up with alarming regularity on our blog, and frankly, I take this personally.  I mean, seriously, how is a person supposed to resist making (and devouring) Christmas Cut-out Cookies, and Harvest Cookies?  If I press my nose close to my computer screen, I swear I can smell them enticing me to make a place for them in my cookie jar – and on my hips.

It’s a conspiracy, but it’s also the holiday season.  This is the time when we bake, or otherwise concoct, things we would never touch otherwise.  Fruitcake, anyone?  It’s a traditional Christmas treat.  Even though it’s much maligned, I suspect there are people who really like it and would eat it at other times of the year if they could only find it.  On the other hand . . . eggnog?  Would anyone drink that in the middle of August?

And what about things we remember from our childhoods?  Family recipes that our elders made that we’ve never quite replicated?  My grandmother made the best popcorn balls, a skill I’ve never been able to master.  Auntie Gladys was an artist with pound cake and cinnamon rolls, and Aunt Christine punched out a mean doughnut . . . .

See?  There I go, falling into the conspiracy of Christmas treats.  Well, now that I think about it, baking and eating a few Christmas goodies wouldn’t be so bad, would it?  I mean, really?  Who am I to buck centuries of tradition?  Hm, think I’d better run to the supermarket.

If you’d like to join the conspiracy, please stop by our Sweet Romance Reads Café on Thursday, December 10th for a party and recipe exchange.  We’ll be featuring recipes for cookies, pies, cakes, breads, and any number of other indulgences.  Come join the fun!

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Patricia Forsythe is the author of many romances, both traditionally and electronically published.  Her current release is in the Sweet Christmas Kisses 2 anthology.  Lucky Break Christmas: Second Honeymoon is the story of two people trying to make a marriage work in spite of bad luck, a crazy hometown, and interfering family members.  Visit her at


  1. In Australia many will eat fruit cake year round. (I don't like it) when at a wedding I will eat the frosting and mum use to eat the cake.
    Never had eggnog but its the name that puts me off. Is it more a drink for the cold. (I am sitting here writing around 8am and its already almost 100 degrees)

    1. Yes, Jenny, eggnog appears in the supermarkets in November and people by it as part of holiday traditions. To me, it tastes like melted vanilla ice cream, only sweeter. Some people put whiskey in it, which may improve the flavor. ;-)