Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Cometh by Kristin Wallace

It’s officially fall. At least the calendar says so. In my part of the world in South Florida, not so much. We had one day…ONE DAY…of relief from 100% humidity and then it was right back to business as usual.

It is officially October which means Halloween is right around the corner. I saw this sign in the window of a costume store the other day. As a writer is warms my heart. 

Halloween was always a fun time growing up. My mom used to make my costumes. There was a witch, a princess, Pocahontas. I’d go trick or treating with my older brother. Then we’d get to dump all the loot on the floor and go into a sugar coma just looking at all that chocolate. If you went to a party you were sure to play Bobbing For Apples, and they were bound to play Monster Mash & Thriller. (Who still remembers the Thriller dance?) Those are nice memories, along with pumpkin patches and cider and hayrides. When I was very young and still living in Reston, VA we went to a real pumpkin farm. That was the most magical place. Full of color and incredible smells. Sadly, no pumpkin farms in South Florida...just various places selling them on the side of the road. Not quite the same.

So what were your favorite Halloween memories growing up? What traditions? Do you carry on the traditions with your family?

Kristin Wallace writes inspirational romance and women’s fiction filled with “love, laughter and a leap of faith”. She is the author of the Covington Falls Chronicles, romances set in a quirky Southern town with a character all its own. The fourth installment (By CHRISTMAS) can be found as part of SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES, a Sweet Romance Reads box set featuring 14 holiday novels by USA Today, national bestselling and award-winning authors. Visit her website at Kristin Wallace Author 


  1. We don't embrace Halloween so much down this part of the world at all. The shops are trying to make us, though!

  2. It was all about the candy, though dressing up was fun, too.

  3. The most beautiful Halloween season ever was when we were in Quebec City, Canada, a few days before a fall colors cruise through Nova Scotia. The city is very European and beautiful itself, but the decorations everywhere were just stunning. I must have taken hundreds of photos. and how I would love to go back at that time of year!