Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cuddling Weather, and Famous Chili ~ by Magdalena Scott

Here is a picture of Attila, helping me work recently. I'm fortunate that he likes to cuddle on my legs instead of across my arms as I'm trying to type. He's tried that, but just a couple of times, and we decided it wasn't our best option.

Attila is a big cat, and when he cuddles with you, you know you've been cuddled! Wow, just like a hairy furnace. That body heat of his mixed with my frequent hot flashes this past summer made life...let's just use the word "challenging."

Fortunately the hot flashes are much less frequent lately, and with fall temperatures arriving, cuddling with Attila is all good. When he decides to bite me, his teeth don't easily go through my jeans. Win/win!

Attila is an indoor cat, but he has windows so he can watch people, vehicles, birds, and the weather. He hasn't said whether he's a fan of autumn, but if he's paying any attention, he knows it's in full swing. The people are wearing jackets, the tree leaves are changing as the temperatures drop.

Another indicator of the changing seasons is the fact that I'm making soup more often.

If you want a quick and yummy dinner on a cool evening, try my famous chili recipe. Most of my life I made not-so-good chili, but in 2010 I created this recipe and have had rave reviews.

Magdalena's Famous Chili
1 lb ground chuck, browned & drained
2 cans chili hot beans
1 can Cincinnati style chili
1 can tomato soup + 1 soup can of water
1 can diced tomatoes
Put it all into a Dutch oven and let simmer an hour or two, to mix the flavors.

Cats aren't supposed to eat tomatoes, but Attila does score the occasional piece of meat, or bean. And he appreciates cornbread or blue corn chips as a side. It's a nice change from his diet of dry cat food with raw spinach for dessert. Hey--neither of us is normal. Maybe that's why we found each other.

Happy October!


USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott writes sweet romance with small town settings. Visit her website: www.magdalenascott.com


  1. You're lucky Attila has decided the lying on your arms doesn't work. My cat can't seem to understand that. As for hot furry furnaces...my dog is like a hot water bottle against me in bed. Not so bad in the winter, but uncomfortable in the summer! The chili recipe sounds yummy!

  2. Helen, I can relate on the sleeping issue. Attila plasters himself up against the back of my knees. I don't see how you can work with a cat on your arms--that's true focus!

    I'm making chili today. Typing the recipe made me hungry for it. :)

  3. My indication that fall has arrived? I need my fuzzy socks to write. It gets cold under my desk. No idea why.

  4. Melinda, maybe you need a nice warm cat or two under your desk. :) I received a pair of alpaca socks for my birthday this year. I think they'll be wonderful in cold weather.

  5. I have that cold-beneath-my-desk problem, too! Fuzzy socks definitely help. Our two cats stay outside, otherwise I'm sure they'd be happy to offer their assistance. Your alpaca socks sound amazing!

    1. Shanna, check with me in a few months for a rating of the alpaca socks. I do think they'll be wonderful...as long as I remember *not* to put them into the dryer! :)

  6. I don't have a cat, though I have in the past. My dog, Monty, used to come and find me wherever I was sitting and very generously make his bed across my feet to keep them snuggy warm. I'm not sure why he considered that necessary on a 110 degree day, but it's the thought that counts! Miss that dog so much. The chili sounds yummy, Magdalena.

    1. Patti, Our dog, Spot, was not a foot warmer, but we sure miss him. Attila grieved right along with the humans when Spot died early this year. I imagine Spot has looked down and chuckled at me trying to deal with this cat on my own.