Friday, October 3, 2014

Secret Telling with the Heroes of Sweet Christmas Kisses

It's time for a little secret telling! Today the heroes of Sweet Christmas Kisses join us to discuss a quality that first attracted them to their heroine. Readers, what qualities do you find attractive in a hero/heroine?
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Gentlemen, what is one thing that first attracted you to your heroine? 

Aaron Chase (An Almost Perfect Christmas by Donna Fasano): "As beautiful as Christy Cooper is, I think what first attracted me to her was her selflessness. I've never met anyone so willing to help others. I could tell right away she was much more vulnerable than she was letting on."

Paul Love (Mistletoe in Maine by Ginny Baird): "There's nothing like a woman who can inspire four minutes of chaos in your first five minutes of meeting. I have to say Carol Baker immediately captured my attention: in a very big way."

Sean Fabian (The Army Doctor's Christmas Baby by Helen Scott Taylor): "Kelly didn't throw herself at me. Sounds weird, I know, but so many women come on to me it was nice to meet a beautiful woman who didn't."

Conran Dark (Story Times by Beate Böker): "When she straggled into my home during a storm, I lost my heart to those brown eyes almost immediately."

Jackson Hardaway (The Christmas Promise by Melinda Curtis): "Her bravery. She could have left me in the jungle as snake bait, but she didn't."

Nick Randolph (Christmas in White Oak by Aileen Fish): "We have been friends since we were kids, but I remember one day when I was a senior in high school and she was a junior. We were talking about whatever and she told a funny story. When she laughed, I realized how much I loved that sound. Knowing she was happy made me happy. I just didn’t know at the time how much that meant."

Dr. Tony Lorenzo (Her Christmas Cruise by Mona Risk): "With seraphic blue eyes and a riot of blond strands escaping from a brown, fur-lined hood, she was the prettiest thing he’d seen in a long time. Her delicious mouth rounded in an O of admiration."

Jim Standish (Small Town Christmas by Magdalena Scott): "I was attracted to Melissa Singer because she paid no attention to me. Growing up, she was a good friend of my sisters, Carla and Francie, and treated me and my brother David almost as if we were her own brothers. I always did like a challenge, and Mel has sure been worth it!"

Michael Campbell (By Christmas by Kristin Wallace): “Her eyes. They can be green or blue and they are always flecked with gold. I can get lost in them.”


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Every comment this week on our blog will earn an entry into a book prize package shown here, winner to be announced on Saturday! Comment every day to increase your chances of winning!
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