Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Lyn Cote Asks: Is it Spring or What?

Here's the cover of my upcoming historical book 1 in my new "Lonestar Courage" series 
but back to the present!

Happy spring-I guess! I am enjoying seeing the migrating birds coming north again. I've seen redwing blackbirds and eastern goldfinches, and I heard a robin the other day, singing so sweetly. But no loons yet! That's unusual. Also Canadian geese and ducks have been with us for several weeks in healthy numbers. Interestingly we also get Florida blue herons and pelicans in the spring/summer. Yes, really. There is a lake southeast of where I live, named Pelican Lake and pelicans do gather there. Who knew? 

Last month I asked whether people preferred Hollywood type historical romances or real history? Here are two replies: (Each lady was offered a free ebook.)

Phyllis Scott

My answer is yes, before I was old enough for romance , I used to devour biographies from a tiny little library in Utica Michigan. I love history and especially Texas history, which is where I'm originally from. I love your great books!

Desiree Luhnow

 I adore American history! My minor was in history many years ago and I am a geneologist as well. My oldest son just received his master’s in history with an emphasis on military history which stands to reason since he’s a former Marine.

Lyn here~But I didn't make it clear to some what I meant by real history, I confused one commenter who thought by “real history,” I meant nonfiction history like a textbook. But I mean true history, but told through the lives of interesting characters. My first love as a reader was historical fiction, or historical romance. And while I love doing historical research, but that doesn’t appeal to my fiction readers!

So I never tire of creating an exciting story, using real historical facts, events, and settings. Anyway, I guess I'm still teaching history, but now  in gripping stories with amazing characters, especially my heroines, who gave me the brand of “Strong Women, Brave Stories.” I hope that clears this confusion up.

So back to the subject line-- Is it Spring or What where you live?--Lyn

The usual spring in the northwoods, but not this year!

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  1. My flowers are starting to blossom. So now I can believe Spring has finally paid us a visit.