Saturday, May 4, 2024

What genre are you reading these days? Also, a free book drawing!

 What type of novel is your favorite right now? Do you read across several genres, or do you stick to just the one you love?

I've been writing Clean Romantic   Suspense and Christian Romantic suspense for a number of years. 

I'm considering writing one romance book series without a suspense element (if you read Love Inspired novels, think of the difference between the "Love Inspired" and "Love Inspired Suspense" lines.)

But I'm wondering if that change is a mistake, and hope you'll share your opinion!

Do you think readers might follow an author into something different?

On another note, I've been working on a purge of my office. The floor-to-ceiling bookcases and an entire closet were crammed with research books. Books on writing. Novels to be read, and beloved titles I couldn't bear to part with. 

Apparently, I'm a book hoarder!  

I finally made myself take a hard look at what I could give away, and 428 titles went to the main library in town, 153 to another library, and 50 research and writing books went to my daughter, who is a writer.

Isn't it a wonderful feeling to donate items to places like the library, Salvation Army, or people who can use them?

As I went through the shelves, I realized that my taste in fiction has evolved quite a bit over the years. How about yours?

Leave a comment, and you'll be in a drawing for a free e-copy of any one of my available Kindle e-books. 

Wishing you a beautiful spring,

Roxanne Rustand


  1. I started my sweet romance reading journey with the Love Inspired Suspense and grew into the Love Inspired Historical and the Love Inspired Westerns. It was the clean romance and the engaging plot that attracted me....all this to say if the story promise is clear, I don't mind if the author shifts the category a little.

  2. I'm not reading a book at the moment, but my next book will either be a Christian historical romance or a suspense.