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My Book Retrospective ~ Jean C. Gordon

As I wind down my romance writing this year, I thought it would be fun to do a retrospective of each year of writing with my books published that year and memories associated with the books.

THE Call

I didn't discover romances until I was well into my 30s. They were a wonderful escape from the stress and responsibilities of a mom working full-time as a financial writer. By the end of the 1990s, I'd extended that escape to writing romance, and in 1999, I got THE call from Avalon Books, which primarily published hardcover library books. Avalon wanted my book, then called Unwed Father. It was renamed Bachelor Father and started appearing in libraries in June. I was so excited that I looked it up at WorldCat.org and checked out every library that added it to their collection.


In 2000, I was a member of the Saratoga Chapter of the Romance Writers of America. At the same time I sold, another member, Tracey Lyons, also got the call from Avalon Books. The chapter gave us a big first-sale party at the June 2000 meeting--including cake and this beautiful award.

My husband's congratulations weren't as exuberant but were complimentary when I thought about it. When I pushed him for congrats, he remarked, "You said you were going to publish a book and you got it published. I guess you'd call that real faith.

Inspiration and Story Description

This sweet romance was inspired by our joyous adoption of our son from Korea and some of the Korean agency's requirements for adoptive parents. 

Brett Cahill is a typical bachelor. Someday he'll settle down with a wife and have kids--but just not yet. Then, his sister and her husband are killed in an accident, leaving him with Jake, the Korean toddler they were in the process of adopting. But in order for Brett's application to be approved, he needs to be a married man and kiss his bachelor days goodbye.

Adoption caseworker Molly Hennessey is determined to place every child in her caseload in a happy home with two loving parents--the type of caring home she's always dreamed of having herself. Determined, that is, until Brett Cahill comes along and disproves her lifelong perceptions of single parents.

Molly holds the power to give herself the home she's always longed for and to give Brett what he wants most--little Jake. But will she realize it in time?


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