Tuesday, April 30, 2024

New Release from Laura Scott!


Good morning from Laura Scott! I hope spring has arrived where you live, we finally have sunshine and flowers blooming here in Wisconsin.

I'm thrilled to announce my new book Raelyn will release on May 7, 2024. This is the third book in my Oath of Honor series and it's available in ebook, audio and print formats!

Raelyn - $3.99

Oath of Honor – To protect and serve.

Secrets from the past…

Police Officer Raelyn Lewis knows church pastor, Isaiah Washington is holding back on the identity of the kids involved in a horrible police shooting. She demands answers, going as far as to slap cuffs on him. They barely step out of the church when gunfire erupts, bullets slamming uncomfortably close to the pastor. A second attack mere hours later, proves Isaiah is in danger. But why? Who would want to kill a church pastor?

Isaiah Washington wasn’t always a believer. He’d grown up in the hood and had broken the law more times than he cared to count. But he’d managed to turn his life around and accepts his duty is to save other kids, too. Raelyn doesn’t agree, they couldn’t be more opposite. But as they comb through the secrets of his past to uncover who is trying to kill him now, he dreams of a future, with her. Can he convince her to give their love a chance?

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