Thursday, April 4, 2024

Spending Easter weekend in three states....and a free e-book for you!

Did you travel anywhere for Easter, or were you at home? 

Usually, our family holiday celebrations are at our house, and I do love all the food prep and having everyone gathered under our roof.  We might have 20-25 people, and it is such a joy to have them all here. 

But this year was quite a change! On our way to Minnesota, we dropped off Easter baskets for our two-year-old granddaughter at our daughter and son-in-law's home in this state. 

We spent a Good Friday in the Twin Cities (MN) to take my brother out for his birthday dinner. Then we drove onward to Wisconsin for church and Easter dinner with our oldest son and his family. What fun!  

After my parents passed away, my husband and I then became the hub for holiday celebrations, so such travel is now rare.
I just pray that our kids and their families will still gather for at least some of the holidays when we are gone. It's tricky though, since they all have in-laws to visit as well.  

How does your extended family handle the various holidays?

I just had a brand-new release this week, FINAL TRUTH.  

A lot of you helped me decide on the cover art, and now here it is!  I really enjoyed writing this one, as the llama definitely added a different dimension.   :)

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I hope you will enjoy it!

Leave a comment, and you will be in a drawing for a free copy of FINAL WITNESS, another book in this series.

Wishing you all my best for a wonderful spring,

Roxanne Rustand

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