Wednesday, February 21, 2024

The first American Novel by Janice Lynn

Did you know that what's widely considered the first American novel was printed in Boston on January 21, 1789? That's 239 years ago. The Power of Sympathy by William H. Brown isn't something I'd typically pick up to read. Honestly, it sounds like something I'd avoid reading as I like happy endings and this one isn't in my opinion. I haven't actually read it, but I am familiar with the plot and ending. Still, I am appreciative of what that first book started as I do love to read and am so grateful to have so many wonderful options.

Interestingly, The Bay Psalm Book is also described as the first book prublished in America and was also printed in Masschusetts. It came out in 1640 and a copy recently
sold for over $14 million. So, I've tried to discern why they both get credit for being the first book in America and it seems that The Bay Psalm Book was printed in 1640, making it truly the first book printed in the US and The Power of Sympathy is the first published book that was also written in the US. At least, that's the way I interpret what I can't find.

The reality of it is that regardless of my thoughts on those specific books I am very grateful to both for paving the way to something I'm passionate about---BOOKS! Lots and lots of books. We've come a long way!

So, it's not the first novel written in America, nor is it the first published novel in America, but Breaking the Nurse's No-Dating Rule is my latest published novel. Unlike The Power of Sympathy, I promise that there's a happily ever after at the end.

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