Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Cheryl St.John: Reading full-length novels or novellas

I read both. I’ve read big fat novels, medium-length novels as well as novellas. I enjoy both. As long as a book keeps the tension high and is consistently making me care what happens next, length isn’t an issue. As for novellas, I prefer them in an anthology, where there’s more than one story to read—although sometimes that can be disappointing if one tale is great and another isn’t.

Writing full-length novels or novellas & shorts:
I’ve written plenty of full-length novels as well as several novellas. A common remark from readers when they read one of my novella-length stories is that they wish it had been longer. I’ve only written a couple of actual short stories, but they were quick to write and a good way to use a character who doesn’t really have a bigger story to tell.

What’s your preference or do you read any length books?

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Laurel Whitaker has been her name for fifteen years. Anyone hearing her true identity would know who she was, and she’s had enough of cameras, questions and stares. Spencer, Colorado is a great place to blend in among the tourists. But unwanted attention comes in the worst possible form—a tough, perceptive, and all too determined lawman.

Sheriff Joe Cavanaugh looks out for people—his large loving family, his teenage daughter, anyone in his county who needs him. But the mistrustful young woman staying in the lake house beside his property goes out of her way to avoid his help, and that’s suspicious. Instinct tells him she’s hiding something…and attraction motivates him to uncover her secrets.

Will Laurel’s truth be his undoing…or hers?

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