Monday, February 26, 2024

Celebrate Galentines Day!

Valentine's Day is all about Cupid, hearts and flowers, and romantic love. Since this was my first February 14th without my sweetheart who died last April, I decided I did not want to spend it alone. I have gal pals who are also without their partners, and I knew they probably didn't want to spend the evening alone either. 

Taking a clue from an old TV show, I invited a group of ladies to join me for a Galentines party. On the evening of Feb. 14, a good group gathered at my home.

Wanting to do it up right (this was self-preservation, after all), I sent formal invitations in the mail. As the time drew near, I bought flowers and balloons, set the table with a dark red tablecloth and the china inherited from my late mother-in-law, and decorated with abandon. My home looked party-ready when the doorbell began to ring at 5:30.

Dinner was potluck. I cooked the basics and others brought side dishes and homemade rolls. The food was delicious and we enjoyed complimenting one another's cooking and sharing recipes.

The real fun began after dinner. I brought out a bowl filled with carefully folded paper slips, each containing a question or prompt. As the bowl arrived, each of us would draw out a slip, read and respond to the prompt. 

They were getting-to-know-you questions such as "tell us about your education, formal or through life experience" or "describe a funny, sweet, or embarrassing first kiss." We learned about favorite movies, songs, and actors, discovered secrets about one another's families, and laughed. So much! 

The party broke up early, since none of us are party animals and we all had things to do on Feb. 15, but we have talked about it often in the time since. We just may decide to make Galentines Day an annual event. For other ladies without partners but with gal-pals, I highly recommend giving it a try.

LEAP AHEAD: Remember that big project you resolved to get done this year? We have an extra day this year. This Thursday is a great day to leap forward, so let's jump in and get that project going. Or not. But let's do enjoy this extra day. "This is the day which the LORD hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it" (Psalm 118).

A SIDE NOTE:  This is my mother's birthday. Happy Heavenly Birthday greetings to Anonna Hubbard. Love you, Mama! 

Susan Aylworth is the author of 25 published novels including two small-town sweet romance series set in and near the Navajo Nation and in the Sierra Nevada foothills. as well as five books in the Christmas Town series. Susan lives near Utah's Rocky Mountains. Watch for more books coming this summer and fall in both the Rainbow Rock and Christmas Town series. Contact her at her website:,  or via, also @SusanAylworth. Susan loves travel, music, her large and scattered family, perfect raspberry jam, and hearing from readers. 

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