Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Lyn Cote says One Month Down and 11 to Go! And Other Random thoughts!

I used to think that January was the L  O  N  G  E   S    T  of the year! But for at least the past decade it flies by just like every other month! Am I the only one who has noticed this trend? 

Also are you inundated by a slew of calendars every year?

And how about every non-profit that thinks you still do A LOT of snail mail and need return labels?

Also I thought that the Forever stamps were a good idea. Saved us from going to the post office to buy 1 cent stamps to get the right postage. But now I see that it's to keep us from noticing how high first class postage has risen!

I can remember 3 cent stamps. Slapping my head. I shouldn't have said that--yes, I am in my "golden" years. And who thought that nonsense up???

Would you like to share any random thoughts about something that you notice and adds to the job of sorting and outsourcing stuff you don't need?

I burn or shred the address labels, trash some things and Goodwill get some!--Lyn 

BTW-new book out this month!

Kat’s Strictly Business Partner debuts February 8th!

by Lyn Cote

A spunky heroine takes on a wounded hero as partner, but will they keep it strictly business? 

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