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Extending the Holiday Glow: Simple Ways to Keep the Cheer Alive All Year by Merri Maywether

The festive season, with its sparkling lights and shared moments of joy, may have passed, but who says the warmth has to fade away? As a writer of sweet romances, I believe in nurturing the spirit of love and cheer all year round. Here are some heartwarming ideas to keep the embers of holiday cheer aglow as we settle into our daily routines.

  • Continue the Tradition of Giving: The holiday season often brings out our generous spirit. Why not keep it going? Small acts of kindness, like baking cookies for a neighbor or shoveling a walkway for someone who has had a rough day, can spread immense joy and keep the spirit of giving alive.

  • Create Cozy Moments: Even without the holiday decorations, you can create cozy spaces in your home. Curl up with a good book (I know of an author who writes sweet romances set in small-town Montana), light some candles, and enjoy a warm cup of tea. These moments of tranquility are like hugs for the soul.

  • Plan Future Gatherings: Organize small get-togethers with friends and family. A potluck dinner or a simple game night can recreate the communal joy of the holidays.

  • Embrace the Outdoors: Nature has a unique way of lifting our spirits. A brisk walk in the park or a short hike can refresh your mind and keep you connected to the world's beauty.

Remember, the essence of the holidays is about love, kindness, and joy - emotions that know no season. Let's carry these beautiful sentiments with us throughout the year.

In the spirit of sharing and staying connected, I invite you to share your unique ways of keeping this warmth alive. 

What unique traditions, activities, or acts of kindness do you continue into the new year to maintain that festive spirit? 

Share your stories and ideas in the comments below. Let's inspire each other with ways to recognize the joy of giving and loving all year round!


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