Monday, January 22, 2024

Camy Tang's Pink fuzzy stash buster blanket

Like many knitters, I have a lot of extra yarn, almost all leftovers from other projects, and I didn’t know what to do with it because there wasn’t quite enough to make anything except perhaps hand mitts or a scarflette, and I have tons of those.

So I decided to combine them all to make a blanket using Tunisian crochet!

I think it’s pretty! Here’s the Ravelry link in case you were interested:

I showed the blanket to Captain Caffeine first, then to my friend Dineen Miller. After my visit with Dineen, I complained to the Captain:

Me: I showed Dineen my pink fuzzy blanket and she expressed the proper exclamations of praise for it.

Captain: Like what?

Me: “Oh, is this your pink fuzzy blanket? It’s so nice! I can’t believe you used all your stash yarn for it! I love how the pink fun fur makes it so cute and fuzzy! It’s so heavy! It’s so soft! It’s so pink! It’s so you!” (I pause for dramatic effect and give the Captain a Significant Look.)

Captain: You mean it’s not enough to say, “It’s nice”?

Me: (Incredulous look.)

Captain: I guess I can see the difference.

Me: !!!!!!!!!

Ahem Putting aside my husband’s complete lack of empathy, I love knitting and just shared a knitting pattern for the lacy fingerless mitts that appeared in my book Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 6: Martyr (writing as Camille Elliot). If you knit, I hope you check it out!

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