Friday, January 26, 2024

How About Those Resolutions? by Susan Aylworth

We're 26 days into the new year. How are you doing with your resolutions? As I've mentioned before, I've lost the habit. Instead, I have some ongoing goals, and each year, I commit to doing better at achieving them. This year, I've branched out a little with a few new twists to those same old goals. Please allow me to share.

Since my husband's death and my move to a new neighborhood in a new state, I've tried to jump in with both feet, getting involved in community activities. This year, I want to branch out even more, reaching beyond my immediate neighbors to get to know more people. That means volunteering to help with events, cooking for community meals, inviting people into my home, and showing up prepared at Book Club, among other things.

I'm also making a greater effort to be kind to those who work in service jobs. In the distant past, I've had my turn waiting tables, cleaning motel rooms, working as a short order cook, and running a cash register. I want those who serve me in such capacities to know I see them--not as tools, but as my equals doing work that makes my life easier. I thank them, and, when they have name tags, I try to use their names.

In the upheaval of 2023, I didn't issue a single book. I plan to release five in 2024, maybe six. That includes one new Christmas Town novel and several in other series that are written and awaiting revision. Roughly a month into the year, I'm on track to achieve this number, starting with Always a Rainbow, the brand new Book 7 in the Rainbow Rock Romance series.

Improving my spiritual outlook is a constant goal. I'm studying scripture more intently this year and making an effort to take more time and thought with meditation and prayer. I'm watching programs and listening to podcasts that help me to find greater depth in my study.

Recognizing that I've been highly blessed than many people around me, I've committed to reaching out more in charitable contributions. My goal to take commodities to the local Food Bank is going from five visits to six in 2024 with more offered in each visit, and I've increased charitable giving. 

These are my goals. They may not look at all like yours, but that's okay. We all came with different talents and interests and we've all been blessed with different gifts and resources. I'd love to hear how you plan to improve your own lives and the lives of those around you. What are your 2024 goals and how are you doing?

Susan Aylworth is the author of 25 published novels including small-town sweet romance series set in and near the Navajo Nation and in the Sierra Nevada foothills. as well as five books in the Christmas Town series. Susan lives near Utah's Rocky Mountains. Contact her at her website:, @SusanAylworth, or via Susan loves travel, music, her large and scattered family, perfect raspberry jam, and hearing from readers. 


  1. I love the ways you want to stretch yourself. I may try to adopt getting more involved too....and I'm looking forward to reading your 2024 stories.