Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Ring in the New Year by Laura Scott


Good morning! The new year is almost upon us, and many people use this time to look back on everything that happened over the past year. 

Since Covid, though, I feel like no one wants to look back. Just like last year, everyone wants to leave the pandemic behind and move forward. Unfortunately, I don't get the sense that Covid is going away any time soon. Viruses mutate, like the flu virus does every single year. Covid is proving to be the same. I hate to say this, but as a nurse I believe I think we're just going to have to live with it. 

I typically don't do New Year resolutions, they are too easy to ignore after the first couple of weeks. I prefer to do writing goals, and maybe some life goals.

Writing goals are relatively easy. I've recently signed a six book contract with Love Inspired Suspense and I'm planning a six book series featuring retired Navy SEALs and their K9 companions. If you saw my writing schedule you'd probably running screaming in the opposite direction. It's a bit overwhelming if I do say so myself.  

Life goals are tricky. These are the more nebulous things that are often spouted as resolutions. I will be more healthy in the new year. To do that I'll run three times a week on my treadmill. Hmm. Is that a goal or a resolution? Or both? 

I would also like to spend more time with my family. That's also a bit nebulous. Goals should be more specific, like we will get together once a month for dinner. I'd also like to stay connected with my friends. 

Sometimes this kind of thing stresses me out. So I've decided this is my life goal for 2022. To be the best person I can be. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? 

Tell me what you are looking forward to for next year! 

Laura Scott

P. S. One last Christmas gift to all of you - A Doctor's Christmas is on sale for $0.99 through the end of the year.

From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Falling in love while saving lives!

Can she trust him with her baby?

When Lifeline Pilot Megan Hoffman finds herself pregnant with her ex-fiancé’s baby, she is determined to remain independent and to raise her child alone. Normally keeping her distance from the rotating residents, isn’t a problem, until she meets the very attractive and very serious Dr. Drake Thorton who discovers her secret.

Drake hasn’t recovered from losing his wife and unborn child shortly before Christmas, but when he realizes Megan is pregnant and the baby’s father out of the picture, he finds himself unable to stay away. Megan is not only beautiful but an amazing pilot especially in a crisis. He opens himself up to friendship, and leans on Megan for support after discovering the identity of his birth mother. Will Drake learn to celebrate Christmas and allow himself to fall in love, again?

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