Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Decorations by Janice Lynn

 It's so difficult to believe Christmas is almost here! Our family has already had a few gatherings and we have a few more to go. I love getting together with family and the food--oh, the food!! Yum! Another of my favorite things about Christmas is the decorations. The house just looks so sparkly and magical with all the lights and pretties. A couple of years ago, I bought some new decorations as I wanted to do an additional tree in white and silver snowflakes and butterflies, but otherwise, I pretty much use the same decorations in the same places each year, just adding to them each years as the kids made things/I was given ornaments. When I pack my decorations up, I even put a sheet of paper into the tote that says where the items go. It helps me to know where each piece of garland fits, etc. so that I can more easily put my decorations up the following year.

This year we do have a wonderful new aspect to our Christmas as its our first grandchild's first Christmas. So much fun having a baby in the family again!

How about you? Do you use the same decorations each year? Do you tend to put things in the same spots? How long after Christmas before you pack away your decorations? 

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