Thursday, April 29, 2021

Gearing up for Summer by Laura Scott #laurascottbooks


Good morning! Now that my husband and I are fully vaccinated, we are gearing up for summer. Having not been on a trip for over a year, I've decided we should try going to a state we've never been to. 

My choice? Albuquerque  New Mexico.

Hubby's choice? Staying home.

Guess who's going to win that battle, lol.

I've heard such great things about this area and I'm anxious to visit. Even a short trip is better than nothing. 

After that, we have graduation parties, a bridal shower and a baby shower scattered throughout the summer. I'm afraid the warm months we get to enjoy in Wisconsin are going to fly by really fast.

Do you have plans for the summer? Please share! 

Speaking of trips, my new series takes place in the Smoky Mountains. The first book in my Smoky Mountain Secrets series is Hailey's Haven. This book is priced at $0.99 only through May 11th so preorder your copy today!

Hailey's Haven by Laura Scott $0.99

A safe place to call home...

After escaping her abusive foster parents thirteen years ago, Hailey Donovan thought her nightmare was over. Gatlinburg Tennessee had been a safe place to live, until she’s nearly hit by gunfire while hiking the Smoky Mountains. Her instincts are to avoid law enforcement, especially handsome Park Ranger Rock Wilson, but when more gunfire echoes around them, they’re forced to stay together to escape. 


More attempts against Hailey convinces her to leave the city and start over someplace new. Rock talks her into staying to fight the unknown assailant. Rock senses Hailey has been traumatized in the past, and is determined to uncover the mystery surrounding her. As Hailey and Rock seek the truth behind the escalating attacks, Rock realizes he’s also in danger of losing his heart. Can Rock provide Hailey the safe haven she desperately needs? Amazon B&N Apple GooglePlay Kobo


  1. Albuquerque is gorgeous. Enjoy! I don't have any solid travel plans; just dreams so far.