Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Spring is here!! Leave a comment to enter drawing for a free book ...Roxanne Rustand


Happy Easter--a day late. 

We missed being able to actually go to church for Easter--our services are still just online.  And for over a year now, we've missed being able to gather with loved ones over the holidays. 

But now a number of us have been vaccinated, so we planned a mostly outdoors event with social distancing--tables set up outside, the guys playing football after our informal brunch, and pony rides for the younger set. Notice the muddy knee incurred during the Easter basket hunt.  :) 

I hope it will be easier to gather with family and friends by the Fourth of July!  

What did you do over Easter?

We had a bitterly cold winter, but by the start of April, the weather turned so warm.  It makes me want to tackle spring cleaning and plant the gardens! 

 I learned my lesson last year, however. Cold weather returned and killed all of our new strawberry and tomato plants. 😢  

Do you plan to have a garden this year? What do you usually plant?  I can't wait for the everbearing strawberries and tomatoes.  Nothing like a sun-warmed fresh tomato in a BLT!  

Just in case you have some "downtime" this spring for some reading, my new full-length novel is still on sale for just $.99.

It's One More Dance, a clean and wholesome romance, set in a small town in scenic Western Wisconsin. Here's a quick blurb:

How badly can a relationship be broken before there's just no chance to save it?

Veterinarian Kate Mathers' husband is in a terrible car accident with a pretty stranger who died in his car. Kate is now at his bedside, trying to face his precarious situation and deal with the fact that someone is targeting both her husband and her veterinary practice.  And who was that woman? No one knows. Yet. How could Kate and Jared's perfect marriage have gone so wrong? If only they can have one more chance to talk, and forgive...and to have one more dance in each other's arms...

Here is the link to read more about it, or to buy:   CLICK HERE

Leave a comment, and you'll be entered in a drawing for a free copy of High Country Homecoming.  Best wishes to you all for a wonderful spring!



  1. We had Easter services at our church. Thankfully, we've been able to meet in person for months. We did online for quite a while even though many of the younger people in our congregation met in person. I used to have a garden all the time, but we travel so much that planting a garden just doesn't work.

    1. I'll bet your service was lovely. I am looking forward to next year! D you have some travels planned in 2021? My only one thus far is to the Ninc conference in September.

  2. I am so glad that our church has been meeting since May last year. They had an Easter egg hunt for the public and my son and I helped with that. We didn't have a big family gathering, though just our own little egg hunt in the front yard.