Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Grandma Names by Janice Lynn

 Hey y'all! Some of you have probably already seen me talk about this, but I'm going to be a grandma in June! Yay! I'm super excited about this, but it has raised a HUGE question--What's going to be my grandma name???? So, let's talk grandma & grandpa names. 

I know some of y'all are way too young to be thinking about your grandma or grandpa name, but what did you call your grandparents? Any special names? And some of you have had your cherished grandparent name for a long time. What's your favorite name your grandkid(s) call you?

I have a "Grandma" who is my dad's mom, a "Big Momma" who was my mom's mom, a "Granny" who was my dad's dad's mom. A "Grandma Lula" who was my dad's mom's mom. A "Grandma Brandon" who was my mom's dad's mom. 

On names for my grandbaby to call me, I tossed around a few, but went with GrandJan. My son-in-law's mom is named Shannon and she's going with GrandShan. Of course, ultimately, our grandbaby is going to call us whatever he wants and we'll smile and be thrilled. 

My husband has yet to choose his grandpa name. He's running out of time and may need help coming up with something. LOL. Any thoughts?

What's the favorite grandparent name you've heard used? Any grandparenting advice?

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  1. I'm G-Ma (pronounced gee-ma). My husband is G-Pa. The only grandmotherly advice I can give is to love your grandbabies. :)

  2. We're Grammy (or Grammy Jean) and Papa

  3. We're Grammy (or Grammy Jean) and Papa

  4. We're Grammy (or Grammy Jean) and Papa