Saturday, February 6, 2021

Old Photos and a Cover Release ~ Jean C. Gordon

I love old photos and, evidently, so does my granddaughter. For Christmas, she asked if I could have prints made of some of the old family photos I have so she could frame and hang them in her new house. I had such fun with the project, I thought I'd share some with you as part of my new cover release blog post. These pictures are in chronological order, starting sometime in the early 1900s.

My Husband's Paternal Grandparents and Oldest Uncle

My Paternal Grandmother

My Teenage Mom's Extended Family
She's fourth from your right. That's my great-grandparents in the center and my grandparents behind them in the flowered dress and suit.

My Dad's Family
That's him to your left.

Mom and Dad's Wedding

My Baby Husband and His Siblings

My Husband's Extended Family
That's him in the bottom center on his dad's lap. His mom is in the first standing row in the dress with the big buttons.

I'll let you guess the last three. Which picture is your favorite? I like the first two the best--today. 


And now to the newest picture, the reveal of the cover for my next Paradox Lake Sweet Romance. 

Trusting Her Heart is the first full-length romance in Jean C. Gordon's new Paradox Lake Sweet Romance series.

Spending time in the small town of Paradox Lake, NY, is the last thing that Emily Hazard wants to do. Her childhood memories, including the despised nickname Jinx, are anything but fond. However, Emily’s brother Neal is deploying overseas and needs someone to stay with his teenage daughter Autumn while she finishes her senior year. Emily is going to attempt to juggle working remotely as an assistant art director for an advertising agency in New York City and keeping an eye on her niece.

With his career and life in flux, Drew Stacey is currently working for a group of non-profits that is planning to rent the Hazard family's campgrounds on Paradox Lake for a summer program. Deciding it's a good idea to have a man around while he is gone, Neal has asked Drew to stay at the house with Emily and Autumn while Drew prepares the campgrounds.

A minor fender-bender as soon as she hits town, has Emily battling old insecurities. However one person doesn’t view her as a slightly klutzy disaster magnet, and that's the disturbingly attractive Drew. The spark between them is immediate, but Emily’s emotional blinders regarding the town, threaten to derail any prospect of a relationship. Can Emily see beyond the past?

Welcome to Paradox Lake

Any fan of sweet romance will love settling into the stories of small-town love in the Paradox Lake Sweet Romance series. Grab your tea or coffee, settle into your favorite chair, and be swept away into the cozy Adirondack town where complex characters navigate challenging situations as they find their way to love. Whether it’s love at first blush, old flames reuniting, or second chance romance, you’ll find pure reading enjoyment and satisfy your craving for sweet, wholesome romance. 

Part of an ongoing series full of familiar faces, each story will stand on its own. With novel and novella lengths available, there’s something for everyone. Paradox Lake is written by USA Today Bestselling sweet romance author, Jean C. Gordon, who’s penned stories for the No Brides Clubs Series, Indigo Bay Series, and Harlequin Love Inspired, as well as for multiple sweet romance collections.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Jean. I love family pictures! Congratulations on your upcoming release, too. Exciting times.

  2. I love to look at old photos! I have some family ones that go back to the 1800’s!