Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Books and Libraries... by Christine Bush

Being a writer, a reader and a teacher, books have always been my thing. 

Before downsizing, and before the magic of a Kindle came into my world, my house was always filled to the brim with books.  There was the “To Be Read” section of the bookshelf, the “already read but cannot part with them” section, the children’s classroom library section, the textbook section (from courses long finished, but kept “just in case”), etc. Etc. 

You get the point.  And probably, if you’re reading this blog, you understand. 

If I didn’t have a book I needed, there was always the library.  It was the hub of research. 

We’ve enjoyed book signings, educational programs, and children’s story hours.  I’ve even used their conference room for community writing classes. 

Even when modern technology gave me different options for reading and research, every once in a while, I’d have to go to the library anyway. I love the feel of books.  And the smell. 

And then came Covid.


 At first, our little local library was absolutely closed. Then, they opened for curbside pickup. You could order on the phone or computer, using the internet catalog.   

My grandkids were out of school, zooming the day away with their face in a screen for class.  No school library.  They were devastated (because they love books just like me!)  We made many trips to the pickup curb for new books, after carefully depositing the returned on in the special cart where they would remain until they were deemed “safe” from the covid virus transmittal.


I learned about downloading audible books from the library onto my phone, and have spent many an evening keeping up with my favorite writers. 

And then the library opened for short periods and with very limited visitors, all masked, checked in, checked out, with constant cleaning of hands and tables. Those librarians have gone out of their way to keep the library operational. It has gotten us through this hard time. 

We’re not back, of course, to classes and in person story hours.  We can’t wait until we are. 

But right now, our libraries are having their own hard times.  Funding for new books is short. 


So I’m packing up a set of my recent titles as a donation to the racks to do my part.  Every little bit helps!  Maybe some other writer friends will do the same. 

In my book “Love, Julie”, our heroine Julie is determined to teach children and adults alike to read. Books are her thing, too.  It’s set in a little mining town in 1890 Montana. Julie’s beloved position as a teacher in a one room schoolhouse is threatened by a mystery that has followed her to the west from her earlier life, and a suspicious (but handsome) sheriff who doubts her identity. I hope you love this romantic mystery!  Let me know! 



Kindle and Hardcover! 


Christine Bush is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance, romantic mystery, and suspense.  She can be found living in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 lazy cats, and spending time with her 14 grandchildren.   When she’s not writing, she’s teaching Psychology at a local college, and working with clients in her private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She loves to hear from readers and writers! 


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  1. Our library is restarting its monthly book club meetings--via Zoom. Libraries and librarians rock! :)