Friday, February 5, 2021

New books for 2021...and a free give-away! Roxanne Rustand


How are you faring during these short winter days?  Are you enjoying the arctic weather of the upper Midwest, or are you appreciating the balmy sunshine of the south? 

Since it's bitterly cold, snowy, and icy here, it's a perfect time to enjoy cozy evenings by the fire with a good book or something good to watch on PBS...but I really ought to be down in my office during every waking hour.  

Right now, though, I need to hurry down to the barn and put the horses in their stalls. Silly beasts. They choose to stand out in the snow, cold and wind rather than seeking shelter in the barn. The photo is from our living room window. Brrrr!

Writing, cleaning and wading through way too many books on my shelves could keep me busy 24/7.  I see a trip to the library fundraiser drop-off site in my future.  :)

How about you--is there something you especially enjoy doing during the shorter days of winter? Reading a favorite author, or watching something on Netflix? Crafts?

One thing I've had fun with this winter is indie publishing. In the fall I published a six-novella e-book Christmas series, and now I'm starting out 2021with some new, full-length novels in my Northern Pines series.  All are sweet (clean & wholesome) romances, with elements of mystery or suspense. The new title, coming out March 19th, is One More Dance.  It is available for pre-order starting tomorrow, for just $0.99.

To find out more,  CLICK HERE. 

To preorder on Amazon CLICK HERE

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Roxanne Rustand


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