Sunday, October 4, 2020

THE MISTLETOE PUPPY... and lots of other fun reads before Christmas Roxanne rustand

In just a few days, my new novella, The Mistletoe Puppy, will be released at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all of the major online booksellers.  

This book has been quite an adventure for me, because in the past, someone else handled the complexities of publishing my e-books. I'll have to admit, the learning curve was steep and I've needed lots of coaching.  But to my astonishment, apparently one CAN teach an old dog new tricks!  Even if that "old dog" is pretty slow at it.  :)

The Mistletoe Puppy is part of my six-novella Coupled by Christmas series. All of them will be released in October, November and December of 2020. 

One other thing--this novella is part of another series, Puppies for Christmas, written by many of your favorite authors here on Sweet Romance Reads! What a treat, because each one is just 99 cents.  I love animals of all kinds and cannot wait to read them all! There are some links at the bottom of this post.

On another note, do you see leaves changing to autumn colors in your part of the world?  

Last weekend, I got to visit Lyn Cote up in the North Country, and it was gorgeous!  Brilliant autumn leaves. The sparkling, azure waters of uncountable lakes. And loons. There were lots of loons! 

I live almost four-hundred miles south. We don't have loons, or get to hear their beautiful, eerie cry. 

But we do have an occasional male peacock and a fat, grumpy guinea fowl who came from who-knows-where, and who like to raid the bird feeders on our deck. I would definitely trade these two noisy birds for a pair of loons, if anyone is interested...but these big rascals are waaay too fast to catch!

Back to our holiday series: 

Each of the six stories has two things in common: puppies and Christmas!

Each week, one Puppies for Christmas novella by a Sweet Romance Reads author will debut through early November!

Here's the line up:

Oct 1st-Beneath Northern Lights by Lyn Cote

Oct 8th-Mistletoe Puppy by Roxanne Rustand

Oct 15th-Christmas Redemption by Laura Scott

Oct 22nd-Puppy Love and Jingle Bells by Merrillee Whren

Oct 29th-Joy Comes to Bedford Falls by Susan Aylworth

Nov 5th-A Christmas Puppy to Cherish by Josie Riviera

So do you love puppies? Christmas? 

Then why not pre-order all of them! Just click the titles above one by one and learn more about the books. 

If you pre-order them, then you won't miss one.


Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season ahead,

Roxanne Rustand

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