Monday, October 19, 2020

Annual Autumn Baking Contest by Merri Maywether

It is autumn- or fall. I call it the season where nature shows off a new set of colors. It is also the time to drink cocoa, wear flannel shirts, and decorate our home with pumpkins and acorns...and the season where I play what I call the British Baking Show game. It’s an easy game. I find a recipe, pretended I’m on the show, and try to bake something special within a given time frame.  

In September I tried baking a cake with cream cheese frosting and coffee. I had to cheat and freeze it with toothpicks so it wouldn’t slide. 

 Apparently, if you frost a warm cake, the frosting melts.

My husband didn’t seem to mind. 

The following week, a call from the Lutheran women asking for lefse for the annual Harvest Dinner added to the fun. 

This took a little more time, so I cheated (hmmm I just noticed a theme) and made the potato base and refrigerated it the night before my “event.” 

Two hours into the bake, I looked like a mad scientist. I had flour in my hair, all over the front of my shirt, and could barely see through my glasses.  Everything in the kitchen was dusted with a fine sheen of flour. That didn’t matter, we had forty rounds of lefse. 

On both occasions, when my husband played judge, he said,  “I like it.” There weren’t any cameras or fans. Still, I tightened my fist, squeezed my eyes, and exhaled a relieved, “Woo!” I won the right to go on to the next level. 

This is where you can help. The next round is scheduled for the last week of October. I have no idea what to bake. Any suggestions? 


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  1. What a great story! I love that you do this! :) Try a pumpkin log.

  2. I have wanted to try and make one. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Merri, when I was a little girl and lived in Montana, our neighbor used to make lefse.