Monday, October 12, 2020

Sports by Cindy Flores Martinez

I have to admit that I was so caught up in last night's NBA Finals, I forgot what day it was. So here I am writing this at the last minute. Sports can be like that, can't they? They can take you away from your world for a while.

As a longtime fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, last night's game was especially exciting. Congratulations to the Lakers for winning the Championship title!

Watching sports reminds me of reading a great book. They both take you to a different place for a period of time. They lead you through a journey that has highs, lows, and twists and turns. They always have a happy ending for at least one of the heroes or heroines. I love them both!

What about you? Do you enjoy watching sports?


  1. I'm a big Buffalo Bills fan and watch them whenever our local TV channels cover the games, which is if the Giants, Jets, or Patriots aren't playing at the same time.

  2. I like college basketball, but I haven't watched the NBA in years. I also like college football.

  3. Not on TV. I love to go to minor league baseball where they make mistakes and it's not all about the pitcher! I'm weird I know!