Friday, August 7, 2020

Mountain Climbing Anyone? ~ Jean C. Gordon

Anyone here climbed a mountain? Some years ago, my husband and I attempted to climb Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in New York--5,344 feet. It's in the Adirondack Mountains. However, we started too late in the morning and by late afternoon had gotten only about half way to the peak. Then, we got spooked by some paw prints we were afraid were bear prints and turned around. By the time we got back to the base, we were sure the prints were probably from a dog. 😌

Josh Lewis, the hero in my new No Brides Club book No Time for Adventure, is a much more experienced mountain climber. He's climbed mountains, scaled cliffs, and is a certified skydiving instructor. If it's an extreme sport, he's done it and probably offers it through his No Limits Adventure Tours. My heroine Victoria Hambersby isn't nearly as adventuresome. Or is she?

Released Today ~ August 7

The No Brides Club: A group of women friends makes a pact not to let love interfere with their careers. Could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows? A New Release the 1st Friday of each month through 2020 (All books can be read as standalones.)

Mental health nurse practitioner Victoria Hambersby is on the verge of completing her career dream to create a VA program that will help vets with physical and mental challenges stretch their abilities. Needless to say, Vic is completely blindsided when she is informed that she must combine her program with that of Joshua Lewis, the owner of “No Limits” extreme adventure company. 

Since two of his sisters are also members of the No Brides Club, Josh is aware of the no romance before career goals motto. So while he finds Vic attractive, the focus needs to stay on finding a way to blend their proposal ideas. Which won’t be easy, as they both have baggage from the past coloring their viewpoints.

To get a better idea of what Josh’s company has to offer, Vic agrees to a weekend adventure, which despite herself, stirs her inner thrill-seeker. Surprisingly they may have more in common than they believe, but can they overcome their defensive barriers to let go of the past and reach for the future?  

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  1. You are brave to try to climb a mountain. I've hiked but not up a mountain.