Sunday, August 23, 2020

Changing Seasons by Laura Ashwood

 As we approach the end of August, I can feel myself getting really excited for fall. My husband and I are lucky enough to live in a state that experiences four distinct season changes. I will admit, contrary to most people, I am NOT a fan of summer and prefer the cooler weather that fall and winter bring.

Fall brings crisp air, the changing vibrant colors of the leaves, and my very favorite thing...the beginning of sweatshirt weather. I could LIVE in sweatshirts year 'round if we didn't have summer. 

The seasonal shift also tends to be a time I reflect on the goings on of the season on its way out.

This summer was eventful for us, despite the pandemic. Our first grandchild celebrated his 2nd birthday with a very small party. We were fortunate that day to be able to bring grandchild #2 with us to celebrate because grandchild #3 was born that same day.

From a writing perspective, this summer was also really good to me. While I am still struggling with anxiety over what's going on in the world, writing gives me an escape, kind of like reading but on a different level. I published my second book, A Little Something Sweet, and finished my first historical, An Agent for Clarissa - which went live yesterday. I've got my 2021 writing calendar full and it's quite ambitious. Go big or go home, right?

Did you have any memorable events this summer? 

What is your favorite season? I'd love to know!

Until next month!

xo, Laura



  1. Laura, I'm not a summer person either, if that makes it any less lonely for you. ;)
    Fall is my favorite season. It doesn't hurt that my birthday is in October!