Sunday, March 1, 2020

Lyn Cote Asks for Help with New Series Name




These photos are of Bayfield, Wisconsin, 
the setting of my new series, 
which should be named ????

If you've ever looked at a map of Wisconsin, you know that it extends northward into Lake Superior 
in a kind of natural top-knot.'-)
Anywhere else Lake Superior would be called an inland sea.
And it's called Lake Superior because it's deep enough
to hold all the other Great Lakes!

My family has long lived around the Great Lakes. My great-grandfather was a Great Lake captain and my grandfather and uncles owned a commerical fishing company 
north of Chicago on Lake Michigan
(before pollution shut that down in the 1950's. :-(

And I love Bayfield! We visit it every summer we can and go out on the boats to see the sandstone caves (3)
the marina (2)
and all the retired lighthouses that guided the big boats (3).
The Apostle Islands off shore are a National Park.
So this is where my new series of romance-mysteries are set. 

Should I call the series:
Northern Shore Intrigue?
Northern Waters Intrigue?
Northern Coastal Intrigue?
Help please!---Lyn Cote


  1. Hi Lyn, Wow, I love all the names. Perhaps Northern Shore Intrigue? And the photos are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful area. What a way to feature it. I like Northern Shore or Northern Waters Intrigue.

  3. Apostle Island Capers
    Bayfield Mysteries
    Wisconsin Scandals
    Crimes of the Great Lakes
    Lake Superior Thrillers
    Lighthouse Intrigue

    Feel free to mix and match. I don’t read too many mysteries, so I’m not sure if these are stories of murder, crime, thrillers, horror, etc. since they’re also Romance maybe add some of those key words like mail order brides or just adding romance in the titles or series name.

  4. All look good but you might want to use a title that has either Superior or Great Lakes in it . . .Northern Shore doesn't say Michigan unless you are from there.

  5. I like Northern Shore Intrigue has a nice ring.

  6. As a Michigander, Maybe Wisconsin’s Northern Shores Intrigue. Otherwise folks might think Canada.

  7. I like Northern Shore Intrigue. It does sound intriguing.

  8. Lyn, I like Northern Shore Intrigue. Good luck with your exciting new series!

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