Saturday, February 29, 2020

I Heart February by Laura Scott

I HEART February by Laura Scott

Good morning,

I know February is almost over, but this month holds a special place in my heart.

Thirty-six years ago on Valentine's Day, my husband proposed to me. I know that proposing on Valentine's Day is a bit of a cliche, but allow me to tell my story.

I was dating a guy who didn't treat me very well. In fact, he often ignored me when he was around his friends. I soon learned I was only important to him if no one else was around, and quickly became disillusioned with this guy.

On January 21, 1984 I was at a Super Bowl party with this same guy. Who once again, was ignoring me as if I didn't exist. Just so happened the day before, I went to see a band play at a bar with my sister and some friends. I met this tall, lanky guy named Scott. He chose me, over my skinny sister and our friends, spent time teaching me to shoot pool (I was terrible) and danced with me. We laughed and he told me that he'd be there the following night if I was interested, but I made no promises. After all, I was (technically) still seeing the other guy.

Until that Super Bowl party. When I told my boyfriend I was going to head home, he didn't even look at me just lifted his hand as if to say, see ya. My sister tried to stop me from leaving, and I told her I was done and might go back to the place we were at the night before to meet Scott. She offered to go with me, so we went. That night, Scott asked for my phone number (remember land lines?) and asked me out for the following Wednesday.

Fast forward 24 days on February 14, 1984. Scott took me out to a very nice dinner, then took me back to the apartment I shared with my sister. He proposed marriage and I honestly almost fell off the sofa.

Marriage? After knowing him 24 days? Was he crazy?

Was I crazy?

I said yes.

You see, it became very clear to me the differences in how Scott teated me compared to my old boyfriend. He cared about me, about what I wanted to do. What I was interested in. He showed me off to his friends and his family.

I'm not saying I recommend this whirlwind type of romance. In fact, I'm fairly certain many people thought we'd be divorced after five years. But we will be married 35 years this May. (Hey, at least I waited a year to marry him.)

So tell me your engagement story. I'd love to hear it...

Laura Scott

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  1. Laura, what a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Such a wonderfully romantic story, Laura. Thank you for sharing your personal story with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing. So when I write about a couple dating for a short time before marrying, I'll think about your sweet romance.

  4. Laura, I loved reading your engagement story. My hubby and I dated for a year before he proposed. I was pretty sure when he took me to a fancy French restaurant that it was "the proposal date." Thankfully I was right. Funny incident. He said we should order the special, but when the waiter said what the special was, I ordered something else.
    Him: Why didn't you order the special?
    Me: Do you know what you ordered?
    Him: It's calf something. It's beef. It's got to be good.
    Me: You ordered calf brains.
    He ate it, but we still laugh about it.