Friday, February 7, 2020

An "Engaging" Post ~ Jean C. Gordon

With Valentine's Day coming up fast, I was reminiscing about young love--specifically ours--and our engagement. It didn't happen in February but March (close enough). My then-college-boyfriend asked me if I wanted to take a Sunday drive to Letchworth State Park--the Grand Canyon of the East--which was a nice ride from our parents' houses.

I got a little suspicious, though, when he asked me to wear a particular outfit. My husband is not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination. He asked to wear my wool plaid mini-skirt culottes (who remembers those?) and a navy blue sweater which matched the blue in the plaid. When we got to Letchworth, we hiked to a particular rock outcropping he knew of. He got down on one knee and did the deed. Obviously, I said "yes."

But that's not the end of the day. When he drove me home, he came in to talk to my dad. Yes, ask for my hand. The next part, I got second hand from him. Apparently, when he told Dad we were getting married, Dad said "oh." My husband thought he said "no" and didn't know what to do since he was only asking because he thought Dad would like that. Then Dad smiled and shook his hand and gave him a hug to welcome him to the family.

If you're married, where did you spouse propose to you?

* * *

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I'll end with a public service announcement. February is American Heart Month, and the first Friday--today--is designated Wear Red Day to unite people for the common goal of eradicating heart disease and stroke. Since both run in my family and my husband's family, heart health is something I'm aware of and promote. Are you wearing red today? I am.

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  1. My husband asked me in an airport when he flew in to see me at Christmas.

  2. I proposed to him! It was in March! We originally thought to get married in June. But when I learned my closest friend might go back to Brazil by then if she didn't get an internship we moved it up to Eastet Break! We got married on a Tuesday during break in April! We worked weekends!

  3. Thank you for sharing your proposal story, Jean - and the photos. Letchworth State Park--the Grand Canyon of the East--looks like a place I would enjoy visiting!

  4. My husband proposed while we were watching Air Wolf on TV.

  5. My husband proposed when he took me to a fancy French restaurant.

  6. Jean, I used to live close to upstate NY, so always smile when I see your posts and the places you refer to. What a great pic of you and your husband!