Sunday, February 16, 2020

Five Tips to Combat Winter Blues via Kimberly Rose Johnson

Maybe you love winter, the gray skies, rain, snow, ice and short daylight hours, but I prefer sunny clear skies, because too much winter makes me feel down. Here are five tips help to combat the winter blues.

  1. Eat healthy food. This plays a big part in your mood. Healthy foods include: vegetables, lean meats, and low sugar fruit. Avoid highly processed food.
  2. Exercise. It is mind blowing how a short walk or even breaking a sweat doing anything from housework to dancing will improve your outlook. It has a direct positive impact on your brain.
  3. Listen to your favorite music. For me, listening to music is an instant mood changer, but choose your music wisely. It can as easily send you into downward spiral as it can make you feel happy.
  4. Read a book. I assume that if you are reading this blog you enjoy reading. As with music, be careful what you choose. Some books are feel good books, while others will send you spiraling into sadness. 
  5. Use a light therapy lamp. I have one of these, and it fools my mind into thinking it's sunny. 
I have used all of the above tips and have found them to be a help in my life. 

What has helped you combat winter blues?
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  1. I love to use music and exercise to combat the winter blues, Kim.

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  3. If I'm feeling blue, I bundle up and take a walk out in nature. Being out into the fresh air lifts my mood.

  4. Kimberly, thanks for the tips. Thankfully I live where we get lots of sunshine in the winter. Although this winter has been a little cooler and a little rainier than I'd like, it hasn't been that bad compared to what other have to deal with. I play tennis 3 or 4 times a week. That keeps me going even when we have to start out with multiple jackets and peal them off one by one as we play.

    1. I'm sure tennis has a lot to do with your mood. They say exercise plays such an important roll in not only our health but our mood.

  5. We got light therapy lamps at my day job for our desks! This is a great list, thank you!

  6. I'm looking forward to some sunshine to fight my winter blues. It's snowing today, though. :(