Saturday, March 7, 2020

Pets for Vets ~ Jean C. Gordon

Love your pet? Share that love by helping Pets for Vets and get 21 heartwarming sweet romances to boot.

As many pet owners know, the bond humans share with animals has the power to reduce suffering, mitigate loneliness, improve mental well-being, and bridge the gap between ourselves and others. For our returning troops, these benefits are especially important to help ease the transition into civilian life.

Pets for Vets was created to improve the lives of both veterans and animals by bringing them together in a thoughtful, caring way. The organization's goal is to give back to the brave servicemen and women who have given everything to our country, while finding homes for deserving shelter pets. By matching the right pet with the right Veteran, everyone wins! Shelter animals receive a second chance at life and veterans receive a second chance at health and happiness.

I'm excited that I was invited to participate in Sweet Kisses, a box set of 21 sweet romances, and that the participating authors are donating 100% of the profits of the set's preorders to Pets for Vets.

A sweet contemporary romance anthology collection with twenty-one original stories from bestselling and award-winning authors, Including WSJ and USA Today Bestselling Author, Judith Lucci.

Each piece written for this anthology is to benefit Pets for Vets. Sweet Kisses Box Set is only available for a limited time, so one-click your copy before it's gone. Twenty-one swoon-worthy heroes. Twenty-one chances to fall in love. Twenty-one happily-ever-afters.

One great way to help veterans who've been injured in service to our country and the Pets that need them. 

TRUSTING HIS KISS: My contribution just happens to have a former Air Force officer hero and a combat widow heroine, along with a cameo appearance by the heroine's family dog.

Life is complicated for nurse and widowed mother of three, Kari Hazard. Her 15-year-old son Myles is rebelling and she is not sure how to handle it. Still, Kari is not immediately thrilled with the actions Myles’s handsome new school guidance counselor is taking.

Eli Evans is a former Air Force officer and can relate to Myles’s feelings regarding his father who was killed in Afghanistan. Eli also finds Kari extremely attractive, but an issue from his past could pose a problem for any prospective relationship. However, an even larger obstacle is Kari’s residual anger and complicated emotions towards the military and her late husband.

In the small town of Paradox Lake, fate (with a little help from Eli’s mother), keeps pushing them together. Can Kari and Eli leave the past behind them and find a way forward to new love?

OTHER AUTHORS CONTRIBUTING TO THIS BOX SET: Tamie Dearen, Judith Lucci, Evangeline Kelly, Lorana Hoopes, Jo Noelle, Jessie Gussman, Donna K. Weaver, Melanie D. Snitker, Monique McDonell, Michelle Pennington, Kit Morgan, Emma St. Clair, Jeanette Lewis, Anne-Marie Meyer, Judy Corry, Bree Livingston, Juliette Duncan, Vivi Holt, Brooke St. James, Joy Ohagwu


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  1. What a neat program: Pets for Vets. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful program, Jean. Kudos to you and your fellow authors for putting this boxed set together to support such a worthwhile cause!