Thursday, July 18, 2019

July New Releases by Margaret Daley, Jackie Castle and Alicia Street

Into the Fire

Margaret Daley

Betrayal. Murder. Redemption.
After years searching for her birth mother, an anonymous tip leads Maggie Ridgeway to her long-lost family. Needing answers to lifelong questions, without revealing her true identity, Maggie moves into the apartment across from her mom.

Kane McDowell, a disabled veteran, who owns the apartment building and lives there, has struggled to deal with his injury. He is protective of the people he cares about and that includes Maggie’s birth mother, her husband, and two children.

As Maggie and Kane’s relationship grows, she is the victim of several burglaries, possibly tied to a man who was murdered in her apartment before she lived there. Kane comes to her rescue and vows to protect her. But will stunning revelations tear Maggie and Kane apart? 

A Gift of Love
Margaret Daley

Book 5 New Beginnings

During the tax season, CPA and single father, Ian Ferguson needs a temporary tutor for his young daughter, Jana, who is struggling in school since her mother 
surprisingly left them and ran off to marry another man. Alexa Michaels comes highly recommended, but Ian has his doubts about the younger woman. She is the opposite of Ian. He likes structure, and no surprises while Alexa goes with the flow and embraces unexpected changes. But when Jana thrives under Alexa’s tutelage, Ian decides to keep Alexa as his daughter’s tutor at least to the end of the tax season. But can Ian and Alexa put their past baggage behind them to give Jana the family and stability she needs?

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My Wayfaring Billionaire 
Jackie Castle

An inspirational contemporary romance

A brooding billionaire rescued by a feisty mermaid.
Twin daughters looking for a mom who’ll make their dad smile again.
A whale of a tale in the making...

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Miracle on Christmas Tree Street 
Alicia Street

After losing her job and moving to the rural North Fork to take the reins of a cozy B&B, single mom Hannah gets more than she bargained for when her business partner turns out to be a Santa-like older man whose way of doing things drives her up a wall. Her daughter, Abbie, befriends the annoying man as well as their neighbor Brady, the way-too-handsome gym teacher who is determined to break through Hannah’s ice queen shell.

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