Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Christmas in July Bargain Books - by Magdalena Scott, Kimberly Rose Johnson, Donna Fasano, Josie Riviera

Celebrate Christmas in July!

99 cents for SMALL TOWN CHRISTMAS - Book 1 of the Serendipity, Indiana series!

By Magdalena Scott

~Melissa and her son need a new start. Jim wants a second chance. The past can ruin their future...or make it magical.~

Single mom Melissa is moving back to Serendipity, Indiana to raise her young son and run her new business, in spite of a painful past and the fact that the man who broke her heart years ago still lives there.

With his dad’s death, the work of the family Christmas tree farm has fallen to Jim Standish. But how can he hold everything together for the sake of his family, when his past is pulling him apart? Nobody can do it all, and there’s an obvious solution for the Standish family. But in Serendipity, there’s often more going on than a casual observer will ever know.

A new tragedy puts Melissa and her son in closer contact with the Standish family. Ignoring the past, and Jim Standish’s part in it, is no longer an option.

This is a story about second chances: facing difficulties of the past and not only moving on, but becoming stronger because of them. It’s also a story about “coincidences” in life that may be more than that.

A delightful touch of Christmas magic makes Small Town Christmas a story that ends on a sigh!

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Free, Until I Met You, prequel to the Brides of Seattle Series.

By Kimberly Rose Johnson

Christian fiction
Graphic designer, Brandi Prescott hopes to work her way to the top at the Seattle ad agency where she's employed. She's dedicated and distraction-free since she's taking a hiatus from men to focus on her relationship with the Lord and get to know herself without the influence of another person. 

Software engineer Ian Parker is in a good place. He loves his job, his social life and the direction his life is going. At least that is the case until one fateful rainy morning when he meets a woman who changes everything. The only problem is, she won't go out with him because she made a pledge to not date for six months.

Brandi's six-month pledge ends on Christmas. Will Ian wait or will his scheming to get to know her destroy what might have been?

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Ocean City Boardwalk, Book 5
Grab this stand-alone holiday romance for just 99¢

What readers are saying:
“An amazing story and I highly recommend it!” 
“Terrific, sweet, holiday story… with a twist.” 

Available for Kindle!

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Aloha To Love
99 cents Kindle Countdown Sale
By Josie Riviera
Goodbye has never been this hard…especially when love is saying hello…

Screenwriter Angelina Conte has been butting heads via email with the studio’s unbelievably nitpicky scientific advisor, volcanologist Dr. Caleb Sloane. Between his scheduled lectures aboard a Hawaiian cruise, she intends to prove that she’s no Tinseltown hack.

Caleb had planned on using this Christmastime cruise to adjust his workaholic attitude. A tough assignment when he tangles with the movie studio’s surprisingly stubborn scriptwriter.

Startlingly, their chemistry is off the charts. But when the studio gives Angelina an ultimatum, she remembers why she put love on the back burner—and why, for her, happily-ever-after was never in the cards.
FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

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