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Jean C. Gordon with July Book Bash #7—99-cent Deals and a Giveaway

How are you enjoying our Book Bash month so far? I know I've picked up some bargains. And here are some more from me.
Bridget O’Brien lost her fiancé to a dangerous job. And, while she’d love to have a relationship like the one she lost, the last thing she wants is one with another man who willingly puts his life in danger. Luke Foster is a motocross racer whose track record with women runs short and no-strings-attached on both sides. He’d never seriously pursue a forever-after woman like Bridget.

All they want is a holiday week away. Bridget from her well-meaning family’s condolences about her planned Christmas Eve wedding and her memories of a future that won’t be. Luke from his family’s annual critique at which he and his life choices always fall short of expectations.

But, under the blue Caribbean skies, anything can happen.

A Team Macachek novella
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Team Macachek Starts Here

Fall in love with the strong women and fearless men of the professional motocross circuit.

Physical therapist Dana VanAlstyne’s dreams of a family were lost in the dust of a motocross racecourse. Although she’s filled her life with her work and church activities, it hasn’t filled the empty space inside her. Nor has it eased the heartache of being abandoned by a man who wasn’t ready for a wife and children. Now her dream is to open her own private practice. All she needs is the capital to make that happen.

Anton, “Mac,” Macachek may be the top professional motocross racer in the country but he still has one race that matters more to him: winning a championship at Unadilla Raceway and showing the hometown folks the bad boy did amount to something. But when a horrific accident sidelines those plans, he makes a deal with the woman he once loved with all his heart. A woman who abandoned him. If Dana will get him back in racing shape, he’ll fund her new practice. Then an even more dangerous risk is revealed. If Mac races again, he could die.

Does Dana have enough faith to risk her heart again? She loved Mac once, but feared he loved motocross racing more than he loved her. If she helps him mend his broken body, will it also mend her broken heart? Or will it all be lost again in the dust and danger of a motocross racetrack?

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Upstate NY ... where love is a little sweeter

Far from the city lights. Mountains and lakes. Rolling acres of vineyards and apple orchards. Quaint little historic villages. Niagara Falls. Come visit Upstate New York in my sweet romances. See for yourself that everything is a little sweeter—even love. Cahill is a typical bachelor. Someday he'll settle down with a wife and have kids—but just not yet. Then, his sister and her husband are killed in an accident, leaving him with Jake, the Korean toddler they were in the process of adopting. But for Brett's application to be approved he needs to be a married man and kiss his bachelor days good-bye.

Adoption caseworker Molly Hennessey is determined to place every child in her caseload in a happy home with two loving parents—the type of caring home she's always dreamed of having herself. Determined, that is, until Brett comes along and disproves her lifelong perceptions of single parents.Molly holds the power to give herself the home she's always longed for and to give Brett what he wants most—little Jake. But will she realize it in time?

Always 99¢
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Goodreads Giveaway

Your chance to win a copy of my upcoming Love Inspired Contemporary Reuniting His Family. Enter Here through July 18.

A Father's Promise

Rhys Maddox wants nothing more than custody of his two sons. Released from prison after a wrongful charge, the widowed dad will do anything to bring his boys home where they belong. But that doesn't include falling for their former social worker. Now leading an outreach program for families in transition, Renee Delacroix can't escape the tall, dark and intriguing single dad…or his adorable little boys. But Rhys is determined to go it alone. Until one incident that may cost him what he wants the most. Now it's up to Renee to save him…if she can make him see she's just what he needs to complete their forever family. 

Releases July 18 in print; eBook on August 1.

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