Monday, July 10, 2017

Shanna Hatfield - July Book Blast #10

Welcome to day 10 of the July Book Blast here on Sweet Romance Reads! Today, I have a freebie and books on sale for just 99 cents, as well as news about a new release! Enjoy and have a fabulous summer!

Heart of Clay  - FREE!
(The Women of Tenacity, Book 1)
Easy-going cowboy Clay Matthews is the man family and friends turn to for help, or when they need a good laugh, since he's a huge tease and practical joker. Life would be almost perfect, except for the mystifying female he's head over heels in love with...


Country Boy vs. City Girl - on sale for 99 cents!
(The Women of Tenacity, Book 2)
A confirmed city girl finds herself falling for a wanna-be country boy. Sparks fly as a battle of stubborn will ensues.

Not His Type - on sale for 99 cents!
(The Women of Tenacity, Book 3)
After spending her entire twenty-four years hiding in the background and perfecting her status of wallflower, Anna Zimmerman arrives at the astounding conclusion it’s time for a change. Unprepared to handle the affections of the charming, handsome cowboy who works across the street, Anna has to decide if she can overcome the fact that she's not his type. 


   Rose - Beach Brides Series, Book 9 
Releasing Tuesday, July 18!

     When his mother discovers a message in a bottle washed up on a Florida beach, Tanner Thomas scoffs at her insistence he contact the person who penned the note. With a vague promise to think about it, Tanner promptly tucks the bottle away and goes on with his life. Two years later, he finds the bottle in the back of a closet and can't get the woman off his mind. Tormented by thoughts of the author of the sweet, romantic letter, Tanner finally reaches out to the old-fashioned girl, unprepared to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Find all of the Beach Brides at Amazon! 
MEG (Julie Jarnagin)
TARA (Ginny Baird)
NINA (Stacy Joy Netzel)
CLAIR (Grace Greene)
JENNY (Melissa McClone)
LISA (Denise Devine)
HOPE (Aileen Fish)
KIM (Magdalena Scott)
ROSE (Shanna Hatfield)
LILY (Ciara Knight)
FAITH (Helen Scott Taylor)
AMY (Raine English)


Falling in Love Never Tasted So Sweet...
    Pastry chef Tara Tarleton dreams of visiting the South. Offered the opportunity to work at a plantation near Atlanta, she eagerly accepts the position. Reality falls far short of her expectations and she’s ready to go home until a chance encounter with a hunky horse wrangler changes her mind.

Join me this week for Summer Reading fun!  

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  1. Shanna, what a great group of books to put on my summer reads list. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    1. Thank you, Margaret! Appreciate your shares, too!

  3. Always a pleasure, Shanna. Thanks for all the updates.

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  5. I've read lots of your books and enjoyed them all! There is something special and unique about the Women of Tenacity series... maybe it's the gentle life lessons within the stories.... I highly recommend these 3 books