Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July Book Bash 7/19 ~ Summer Reads SALE

I write books set in Emerald Isle, NC and books set in central Virginia (that area west of Richmond and reaching into the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We all know summer is a prime time for beach reading, but those books don’t have to be set at the beach, right? In celebration of the Sweet Romance Reads “July Book Blast” I’d like to shine a little summer sun on my VIRGINIA COUNTRY ROADS NOVELS by putting a couple of them on sale for 99 cents.
The Virginia Country Roads Novels are standalone, single-title novels (except for LEAVING CUB CREEK which is the sequel to CUB CREEK, but CUB CREEK can be read as a standalone).
A STRANGER IN WYNNEDOWER will be on sale for 99 cents on 7/19 - 7/20. CUB CREEK will be on sale for 99 cents on 7/21 -7/22. I’ve included their book blurbs below, but if you’d like more information about these, as well as my other books, check them out here:
Happy Summer Reading! 


Rachel Sevier, a lonely thirty-two-year-old inventory specialist, travels to Wynnedower Mansion in rural Virginia seeking her brother who has stopped returning her calls. Instead, she finds Jack Wynne, the mansion’s bad-tempered owner. He isn’t happy to meet her. Her brother took off without notice and left Jack in a lurch. Rachel has doubts. Did her brother really leave? Where would he have gone?

Jack has his own plans. He’s tired of being responsible for everyone and everything. He wants to shake those obligations, including the old mansion. The last thing he needs is another complication, including his former caretaker’s sister, but he allows Rachel to stay for a few days while she figures out what to do next.

At Wynnedower, Rachel becomes curious about the house and its owner. If rumors are true, the means to save Wynnedower Mansion from demolition are hidden within its walls, but the other inhabitants of Wynnedower have agendas, too. Not only may Wynnedower’s treasure be stolen, but also the life of its arrogant master, unless Rachel can save them. 


In the heart of Virginia, where the forests hide secrets and the creeks run strong and deep ~

Libbie Havens is fine on her own. She doesn’t need anyone, including the approval of her family. When she chances upon the secluded house on Cub Creek she purchases it. She’ll show her cousin Liz, and other doubters, that she can rise above her past and live happily and successfully on her own terms.

Libbie has emotional problems born of a troubled childhood. Raised by a grandmother she could never please, Libbie is more comfortable not being comfortable with people. She knows she’s different from most. She has special gifts, or curses, but are they real? Or are they products of her history and dysfunction?

At Cub Creek Libbie makes friends and attracts the romantic interest of two local men, Dan Wheeler and Jim Mitchell. Relationships with her cousin and other family members improve dramatically and Libbie experiences true happiness—until tragedy occurs.

Having lost the good things gained at Cub Creek, Libbie must find a way to overcome her troubles, to finally rise above them and seize control of her life and future, or risk losing everything, including herself.

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"Stories of heart and hope ~ from the Outer Banks to the Blue Ridge."

Grace Greene writes women's fiction and contemporary romance with suspense. A Virginia native, Grace has family ties to North Carolina. She writes books set in both locations. Please visit Grace at and sign up for her newsletter there.

The Emerald Isle books, BEACH RENTAL and BEACH WINDS, are set in North Carolina where "It's always a good time for a love story and a trip to the beach." Or travel down Virginia Country Roads in KINCAID'S HOPE, ASTRANGER IN WYNNEDOWER, and CUB CREEK and "Take a trip to love, mystery and suspense. Her most recent release is THE HAPPINESS IN BETWEEN and her next will be THE MEMORY OFBUTTERFLIES due for release on 9/5/17.

BEACH RENTAL, her debut novel, won the Booksellers Best contest in both the Traditional and Best First Book categories. BEACH RENTAL and BEACH WINDS were each awarded 4.5 stars, Top Pick by RT Book Reviews magazine. Grace lives in central Virginia. You'll also find her here:


  1. Both of these sound like great summer reads. Thanks for sharing, Grace.

    1. Thank you, Mary. SweetRomanceReads has had some amazing bargains this month.

  2. Thanks, Grace. Although I live in the Carolinas, I have never been to the Outer Banks. I would love to visit, though.