Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Reading Fun by Melinda Curtis

Recently, I wrote a novella set in Atlanta to celebrate the Romantic Times Convention (which was in Atlanta and brings readers and writers together). I was one of 20 authors and had an incredibly fun time throwing a party for readers after the awards ceremony on Friday night. Here we all are, plus country music star Thomas Fountain, who is incredibly talented and a really nice guy. Oh, and some cover models...

I had so much fun with these ladies that I decided to read some of their novellas over the summer as an excuse to spend more time with them (lol). Starting Monday, June 5, I'll be hosting weekly author chats and reader giveaways on my Facebook page here. The pink covers are all sweet romances. I had to include Susan Carlisle because she is such a sweet woman (even if she did put some sexy time in her novella - lol, it's the purple cover in the corner).

First up is Kirsten Osbourne, who is a boisterous lady whose sense of humor spills over on the page! Do you need to read the novellas to participate in the fun? Nope. No sales pitch here. So feel free to stop by, have a little fun, meet some new authors, and maybe you'll win something!

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  1. The Romantic Times Convention sounded like great fun, Melinda. And wonderful idea about the weekly author chats. I'll try to check in and say hello.

  2. It was so much for to meet you, Melinda! I look forward to being one of your guests this summer - and to seeing you at future events!