Sunday, June 4, 2017

June: the Wedding Month

June is one of the most popular months for weddings, if only for its mild weather. Not cold anymore but not too hot yet.  Whether you marry in a church, a garden or the beach, once the wedding ceremony and reception are over, you will face each other for better or worse, and try your best to be happy.

When my daughter got married, a friend who had a big house threw her a shower. The most important gift that my daughter treasures to this day is my version of the ten commandments for newlyweds. Here are my commandments--the advice of a loving and concerned mom.

  1. Love: Show each other love, kiss often, hold hands, use endearments.
  2. Respect each other: Never belittle your spouse's accomplishments; never put him/her down, even while joking, and certainly not in public. 
  3. Do things together: Find activities you both like and enjoy them together. Take your vacations together. 
  4. Communication: talk together. Share stories from work, seek his/her opinion when you face problems.
  5. Avoid separations: Going with your friends for dinner or vacation too often is not a good idea.  Remember that "Far from the eyes, Far from the Heart."
  6. Arguments. Of course there will be times when you disagree. Keep discussing, even if it turns into a fight. But never sleep on an argument. Never sleep angry with your better half.
  7. Honesty: don't keep secrets. In today's life of computer, ipad and iphone, don't be naive and think that if you cheat on him/ her, you can be safe, and enjoy both worlds and both partners.
  8. Loyalty: Now if you cheat and share that secret, expect the worse! Very few people can forgive that sin.
  9. Humor: laugh often. Laugh at yourself and cheer your partner.
  10. Privacy: protect your happiness, protect your privacy. Don't let Mom, your best friend, or the neighbor meddle in your life as a couple.
And live happily ever after.

What advice would you give a newly wedded couple?

Two weeks before the wedding, they receive news. SOME NEWS!!!
The best or worst surprise???


  1. Mona,
    My husband and I got married in June. My advice to newlyweds is communication is the key. :)

    1. Happy Anniversary, Josie. Yes communication is important.

  2. Mona, I'd say just love each other and enjoy being together. No one knows how much time we have so don't take a minute of it for granted. Looking forward to reading the book.

  3. Steve and I got married in the middle of a 3-week honeymoon and to this day (40 years later!! ha ha), I still can't remember if our wedding day is June 6th or June 7th. We had all-you-can-fly passes and were on the go the entire time. Our lives are still so busy and we travel so much it's hard to even remember our anniversary. We're usually somewhere in the world!