Saturday, June 3, 2017

Let’s Talk About Setting Goals

Goal-setting propels us forward in life. It’s the fuel that makes dreams come true.

That might sound hokey, but it’s true. Envisioning a desire and setting out a plan to get there will make all the difference in a life well-lived. Setting goals helps us to focus. It also helps us avoid procrastination and motivates us to take action.

There are professional goals and personal goals. Both are invaluable.

Because I’m a writer, my professional goals are pretty clear. In the broad sense, I want to continue to create stories and characters that entertain readers. In a more narrow sense, I want to publish the 2 stories I am currently working on within in the next month. Setting deadlines is a great way to keep motivation strong and make forward momentum measurable.

When it comes to my personal goals, my dreams are a little more fluid. I want to travel. I want to experience new things. I want to meet interesting people.

Do you make goals for yourself? Do you spend time planning ways to make your dreams come true? Whether you’re a good goal-setter or not, imagining a new and exciting future is not only inspiring, it’s lots of fun!

Please share some of your goals in the comment section. It doesn’t matter how ordinary or how “wild and crazy” they might be. Also, what are your thoughts on goal-setting? Is it important to you? Why or why not?

In An Accidental Family, Robin and Jonas have a goal: to do anything it takes to care for their nephew. These two people are like water and oil, but one sweet little boy will force them to see each other differently.

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  1. An Accidental Family looks like a wonderful read, Donna. Goal-setting, both personal and professional, is a way of life for me.

  2. We don't accomplish anything without setting goals.