Tuesday, June 20, 2017

German sayings

This is my fourth blog about German sayings, and today, I'm going to give you a proverb that's often used in offices, while the employees complain about the lack of foresight, organization, or strategy in their bosses. Translated word by word, it says "The fish stinks from the head."

I don't think this one takes much imagination to understand, and I guess it's pretty clear where it comes from. Is it true that the fish first starts to stink at the head? I guess you'd have to get pretty close to sniff it. Have you ever tried that? And would you know an English equivalent?

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Beate Boeker
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  1. I can't think of any right off. We have a saying that fish and company start to stink after three days.

  2. I found one--people don't leave bad companies--they leave bad managers!-Marcus Buckingham

  3. Merrilee, we've got the same saying, too. Funny, how some proverbs crossed borders and others didn't.
    And Lyn, I like yours. It's so true . . .
    Thank you for leaving a comment.

  4. I found a statement that may apply: "Always keep in mind that every organization takes its lead and direction from its leader. How that leader wishes to be remembered should be part of every action, every day."