Sunday, February 28, 2016

What's your theme song? ~ by Magdalena Scott

Sometimes I don't get as much done as I think I should in a day's time, and lately I've wondered if it would help to have my own theme song.

Back in a sad part of my life I had a theme song without even realizing it. Every time I listened to it The Story by Brandi Carlile, sang along with it, even hummed the daggone thing, I would cry. At the time perhaps that's just what I needed. But not anymore. 

Now I need something upbeat and encouraging. Something that gets my feet tapping, my vocal chords limbered up, and my fingers typing.

I've been watching my DVDs of Murder, She Wrote. Do you remember that 12-season-long TV series about a small town woman who was a famous mystery writer, and solved a murder mystery every single week? Man, Jessica Fletcher had friends and relatives everywhere, didn't she? It must have been frightening to know her, because there was little doubt that eventually you'd be involved in a murder--as victim, accused, or bystander.

But I digress. The point I was headed toward is that Jessica Fletcher had an awesome theme song. No lyrics to my knowledge, but the music is very catchy. If you want to give it a quick listen on YouTube, click here.

For the time being, even though I'm no Jessica Fletcher, and am completely in awe of the great Angela Lansbury who played the character, I'm using that music as my theme song.  

FYI, I started each day with Shambala by Three Dog Night for a few months. So as you can see, I am open-minded about this.

Do you have a theme song? Something that you sing or hum or whistle to get you going in the morning, or to cheer you when you're having a yucky day? I'd love to hear about it. And while you're at it, could you hum a few bars?

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  1. I don't think I have a theme. There are songs that I like to listen to more often than others from time to time. My daughter is very into music, and she attends lots and lots of concerts and music festivals. She is always introducing me to songs through her blog that I would otherwise not know about. Back in the 80s I loved "Jump" by Van Halen. That song always got me going.

    1. Your daughter sounds like a jewel, Merrillee. "Jump" would be a great day-starter. As long as I don't have to try to do splits, as shown in the official video. :)

  2. I am a professional musician, but I've never given thought to an actual theme song. I find that words distract me, sometimes, so enjoy classical music.

    1. Everything distracts me, Josie. :) Instrumental music only when I'm trying to write.