Friday, February 19, 2016

Plotting A Change

Change. It’s both around us and inside us. I don’t like change. I work hard to get my life, and the elements of my life, all arranged and workable, and then life happens and shakes it up. Some people love change. I am not one of them. Even so, I’m smart enough to know that fighting to keep the status quo makes no sense. Why assume that change is less desirable than the present state? That’s illogical. And frankly, sometimes the present ain’t so hot.

In works of fiction, the story navigates along the plot points and pivots on the turning points until it reaches the climax. In fiction, the story opens at a critical point in the character’s life – the inciting incident – and as the story flows along, the character grows and changes.

I insist upon a happy ending in my fictional stories and want the same in the story I live.

Heroines have flaws, sometimes whopping big ones. They must also have, or learn, courage and integrity. As stories turn on plot points, the characters become who they were meant to be. When it works, there are happy endings for everyone – except the villains, of course

It’s unreasonable to expect every story to have a happy ending in the real world. Maybe "happy enough" is the best that practical, realistic people can hope for. We all know that what we think we want – what we think will provide the happiest ending – is often the wrong thing entirely. So, with that in mind, consider this: enjoy the story as you are reading it (enjoy the journey as you live it), laugh and cry as appropriate, and always hope for a happy ending, but remember that our life story, unlike the fictional story, doesn’t end when the last page is turned. 
In the face of change, keep hoping and moving forward. Know that tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity, and it’s a rare day that doesn’t have something worthwhile to offer. Don’t wait for the happy ending – try to make your own happy ending anew each and every day.
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Grace Greene writes stories with love, suspense and inspiration. Her Emerald Isle, NC books include her debut novel, BEACH RENTAL, and the sequel, BEACH WINDS, which each received a 4.5 star Top Pick rating from Romantic Times (RT Book Reviews). "It's always a good time for a love story and a trip to the beach.”
Grace also writes the Virginia Country Roads series. KINCAID'S HOPE, A STRANGER IN WYNNEDOWER, CUB CREEK, and LEAVING CUB CREEK share a common theme of mystery and suspense - along a Virginia Country Road.  
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  1. Excellent post, Grace. You're right, no one likes change. The "happy enough" ending is the way I like the novels I read to end.

    1. I tend to end my novels that way, too. One person's HEA isn't necessarily someone else's. I like to leave enough flexibility that each person can see their vision of it.

  2. Great post, I think change is good for us but it gets harder as we grow older. It does make you step out of your comfort zone though. Love HEA, isn't that why we all read romance.

    1. Hi Shari - I think it's important to be able to change. Some things I wish wouldn't change but then we'd never know what we might have missed.