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Valentine's Day Hoopla by Shanna Hatfield

Have you ever wanted a man's perspective about Valentine's Day? With the holiday fast approaching, I thought it might be fun to consult with my resident romance expert (also known as my husband, Captain Cavedweller) and have him share his thoughts about this special day.

Without further ado, here is our interview.

*Warning - Please take his words of wisdom with a grain of salt and a delicious piece of chocolate (I find it makes them more palatable that way).

~The Day ~
Me: Valentine's Day is coming right up. What does the day mean to men?

CC: Valentine's Day is like any other day, except with a good meal and a gift.

Me: What do you think women expect Valentine's Day?

CC: An entire day dedicated to romance, with flowers, gifts, candy, and quality-time spent together.

~Food ~
Me: What's the ideal romantic meal?

CC: For guys, we just want to eat something we like. Steak. Burgers. Pizza. Bring it on. You girls, though, think it should be something special, like Italian.

Me: I see. So the type of food you eat doesn't matter at all?

CC:  Nope. As long as it tastes good. Guys have to be careful, though, because women think the meal should have ambiance. My advice to men is to make sure you've got enough light to see your food. If you leave it up to her, she'll have it so dark you won't be able to see what you're eating and she'll try to sneak something by you that you really don't want to eat.

Me: (Note to self - make sure Valentine's Day dinner is dark and serve Brussels sprouts or lima beans.)

Me: Let's talk gifts.

CC: Great! What are you getting me?

Me: (Rolls eyes and sighs) Do you have any suggestions for men looking for gift ideas for their sweethearts?

CC: Women want something sentimental. Something that requires thought and effort. The more suffering the guy goes through to get the gift, the better they'll like it. Since Valentine's Day is on Sunday this year, I predict the stores will be packed as men get off work on Friday. And because it does fall on a Sunday, that means women will expect an entire day with their man. (Turns a worried glance to the person asking the questions.)

Me: What about cards?

CC: Girls like cards, especially sappy ones. If it has lots and lots of words, you don't have to write in it. Just sign your name and you're good to go. Don't make the mistake of writing the date on it, though. She'll tuck it in a box with a hundred other cards she's saved. Wait a year or two and you can recycle it if you found a really good one.

Me: What are your thoughts on giving flowers for Valentine's Day?

CC: Some men might make the mistake of not bothering to send them, since Valentine's Day is on a Sunday. Don't be that guy. You'll be sleeping in the doghouse. Send flowers on Friday. If she works around other women, make sure you send them Friday morning. Everyone will talk about how your girl is the only one who didn't get any if you don't send them. You do not want to be that guy. If you have no idea what kind of flower she likes, go with the old standby of roses.

Me: Do you think candy is necessary to include in the overall Valentine's Day experience.

CC: Definitely. Women will say they don't want candy, but you have to get them some. Seriously, man. Get her candy. The weirder the better.

Me: And by weird, you mean more decadent and delicious. Right?

CC: That's what I said. Weird.

Me: Should couples go out or stay home for Valentine's Day?

CC: Stay home! Prices are jacked up, you have to pay for parking, and she's gonna need a new outfit. After a noisy dinner out, she'll want to go do something else, so be prepared to go sit in a crowded movie theater or go to some performance you have absolutely no interest in seeing. Save yourself a bunch of trouble and money, and stay home. Besides, Valentine's Day is about the two of you connecting and that's hard to do when you have to shout to be heard at a restaurant. If you do decide to do something crazy and go out, make sure you reserve a quiet corner table. It's all about creating an intimate atmosphere, even if you are out in a crowd.

Me: Wow! That was very insightful.

CC: I'm an insightful kind of guy.

Me: (Coughing after I choked on my tea) Any other advice for making the day special?

CC: If she has a single friend, ask them to watch the kids. You want your girl to have a good evening and you're doing the single friend a favor by making them feel needed.

Me: With your recommendation to stay home for dinner, what do you suggest for entertainment?

CC: Watch a movie at home. Die Hard, Dirty Dozen - you can't go wrong with either of them.

Me: So much for insightful. Let's move on to music. What type of music should a guy play if they choose to stay at home?

CC: The movie should have a soundtrack.

Me: Well, I think that concludes our interview. Thanks, CC, for bestowing your wisdom upon us.

CC: Anytime.

How do you plan to celebrate Valentine's Day? Go out or stay home this year?

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