Saturday, February 6, 2016

Valentine’s Day by Patricia Forsythe

While I realize that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured holiday, designed specifically to sell candy and flowers, it’s still fun and I associate it with many happy memories. 

When I taught school, I enjoyed receiving Valentine’s Day cards, and seeing my students open and read theirs.  Watching them moving further and further up the 'sugar high' scale thanks to our holiday class party, not so much.

For the heart-happy day itself, I relish sending cards to my loved ones.  I like to imagine the way my three grown sons roll their eyes at the sappy ones they receive from me.  I mean, seriously, why have sons if you can’t embarrass them?

And then there was the time I wanted to make a lovely Valentine's Day dinner for my family.  It was a new recipe I'd never made before -- and never since -- something vaguely Chinese as I recall.  Sadly, when I added the last ingredient, the entire dish turned purple.  Really purple.  Since there wasn't time to prepare anything else, I prayed it wouldn't poison us, and solved the problem by turning off the lights and lighting a few -- very few candles.  We survived.

Years ago, an elderly friend of my aunt’s was arrested on cattle rustling charges in Arizona’s White Mountains.  It was a bogus charge brought about by a vindictive neighbor, but the old man had to spend some time in jail until it was cleared up.  My aunt thought it would cheer and comfort him if she sent him a Valentine’s Day card, which turned out to be the talk of the prisoners, mostly young men who couldn’t figure out why the old guy got a card and they didn’t.  For years, I’ve tried to work that incident into a book, but so far, haven’t found the right place for it. 
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  1. Very interesting incident, Patricia. I'm sure you'll find a place for it in a book at some point.