Monday, February 8, 2016

And The Winner Is...The Super Bowl Ads by Kristin Wallace

Chances are a lot of you out there are a little tired today, thanks to a little game called the Super Bowl. Depending on who you are, you’re either very happy this morning (congrats Broncos fans) or very sad (sorry Carolina fans, maybe next year). Or if you’re like the majority of people in the country, you didn’t really care who won. In fact, you mostly tuned in for the commercials. Actually, the Super Bowl may be the one TV event where the commercials are more anticipated than the headlining event.

Since I have a background in advertising as a writer, I always pay special attention to the commercials. I thought this year’s batch was mostly so-so, but there were some standouts. So here is my review of my favorites.

Prius Great Escape: This may be my favorite of the night. A car chase with some bumbling bank robbers who try to get away in a Prius…and it goes pretty well since the car never runs out of gas.

Doritos Ultrasound: This one was deemed controversial by some, but I thought it was funny. Doritos always puts together something good, and this one delivered.

Hyundai Elantra Ryanville: I included this one because it has Ryan Reynolds as nearly every character in the spot. You’re welcome, ladies.

Hyundai The Chase: Hyundai scored again with this spot that seems be a takeoff of "The Revenant" and the famous “bear eats Leonardo” scene. I like that the one bear only wanted to hug them and the other wanted to eat them, even though he's a vegan (but it’s his “cheat day” so he's allowed).

NFL Super Bowl Babies: This one features kids (many of whom are now 50) who were all born 9 months after the Super Bowl. Funny concept. Guess we should all pay attention to the maternity wards in Denver 9 months from now.

Budweiser Simply Put: This is a PSA about not drinking and driving, only spoken by Helen Mirren with much more class. Somehow coming from her, even an insult is lovely.

Amazon Echo: This is a new product from Amazon. I guess it’s like a portable Siri? Still trying to figure that part out, but it is funny. As someone from Miami I applaud the use of Dan Marino. Jason Schwartzman, I don’t think you want to try sack Dan. Alec Baldwin is great, too. Jeff Goldblum riding a grand piano up a giant apartment building while singing the theme song from "The Jeffersons". I say…yes…brilliant.

Marmot: I include this one only because I think it’s a precautionary tale about being "too" clever in Super Bowl ad. So clever that no one actually knows what you are advertising in the end. I was watching the game with a room full of people and no one understood what the product was. Finally, someone said, I think it’s for outdoor equipment. 

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  1. What a fun post. I watched the beginning of the Super Bowl, then the entertainments and the end. I didn't have the patience and the time to watch every move although the TV was on all the time for my husband.

  2. My favorite was the first date ad by Hyundai.

  3. I'm with you, Mona. The kick-off, middle, and the end. However, I caught the hot-dog commercial, which was adorable.