Thursday, February 13, 2014

What if Mr. Wonderful gets it all wrong? by Beate Boeker

Well, our Valentine party is over (sniff), but it was short and intense, and it rained free e-books and prizes and gifts - I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt like I was twirling in an e-book shower!

We had so much fun with all of the games, but one post was even better than all the others, and when I couldn't help chuckling, I decided to repeat it here. This is it:

"We all dream of romantic marriage proposals, flowers, dinner, your own hero going down on one knee and offering a huge diamond. But what if Mr. Wonderful gets it all wrong? What is the worst marriage proposal you can imagine? A $5 Amazon Gift Card for the most imaginative answer."

And boy, did we get answers! I hope that a few men find their way to this blog, just to learn what NOT to do when proposing. Here we go, a free lesson for guys who don't want to get it wrong:

First, don't mention any monetary background. It absolutely kills the romance. Would be even better if you didn't think about it.

Second, avoid new media. Texting, messaging, via Facebook - whatever. Yes, you may be the latest technology wizard and you may have really funky gadgets, but forget about that when proposing. You're dead if you propose in any other way but personally.

Then, make sure you don't address her with a wrong name (no, really!) and make sure you ASK and don't just assume that she'll prepare the wedding without being asked first!

Next, make sure you create a full sentence. "You wanna?" is kind of off-putting, to put it bluntly. Would be nice if you added some background here.

Also, proposing in public - and while singing - may make some ladies swoon, but as far as I know, the majority of girls prefer a secluded, romantic spot with just the two of you. Because remember - she may not want to say yes, but she's a kind girl who may not want to embarrass you in public - and you don't want a fiancée who said "yes" out of compassion.

And finally, here's my personal favorite, an absolute no-go: Don't ask your mother to propose for you. It kind of sends the wrong message, you know?

However, in another post, we discussed the perfect setting for a proposal, and many of us girls liked the sea - preferably at sunset (hint, hint). So, good luck with that proposal and if you want to read more, check out our Facebook page and read up on all the free information on convincing the lady of your heart that you're the right guy!

Have you read any proposals in books that went wrong, or saw something on the news that made you shudder for the poor girl? Or, heaven forbid, have you been proposed to in a less-than-memorable way?


  1. Loved your post. Such fun! You really had me smiling on this snowy, wintery morning!

  2. Some of the responses would be a great way to kick-off a book. That was a fun party.

  3. Enjoyed the party immensely. And the worst proposal game was one of the funniest. Looking forward to the next party!

  4. I agree - the games were fun, and I'm still chuckling about the proposal from the future mother in law . . . :-) Am telling all my friends about it!